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Superintendent's Corner: Mr Jeremy Tinsley

VCS Recognizes Orange Shirt Day

A parent who was visiting a Christian school once remarked to me, “This is the first ‘Christian’ building I’ve been in since I left residential school.”  

On another occasion, a mother who was participating in a new family admissions meeting said, “After residential school, I was angry and hurt. I fell into bad things. In order to get my child back, I had to learn to let go of the anger.” 

The lives of both parents were forever changed by their experiences in Canadian residential schools that were run by the church, with the support of the federal government.  One parent experienced significant abuse while at the school, while the other witnessed classmates being harmed.  As adults, both are still dealing with complex feelings regarding Christianity, their own indigenous culture, and how to help their children avoid the physical and psychological harm that they could not.  They are both strong and resilient people with gentle hearts.

As we recognize the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada, we as a Christian school community hope deeply that we will never become an obstacle that stands in the way of another person, all who are made in God’s image, from experiencing the love and saving grace of Jesus.  

Our staff will recognize this important day in varying, age-appropriate ways, and all students are invited to wear orange, or an orange ribbon, on Thursday, September 29th. We do so not because we are expected to, but as an act of love and respect for our indigenous neighbours. 

Jeremy Tinsley