About Meet our Superintendent

Meet our Superintendent


Thank you for taking a few moments to read through our website and explore the VCS community. We are a community that seeks to inspire a joyful hope in students and prepare them to have a transformative impact in the world as they unpack God’s plan for their lives.  It’s a great privilege for our staff to have the opportunity to build relationships with your children and know them personally.

Each of our young people are created uniquely.  We aim to celebrate the diversity of people and talents present in our community.  We love that none of us are exactly the same and believe that diversity brings a deep richness to our school. 

In addition to integrating Christian worldview into all areas of the curriculum and school life, recognizing God’s sovereignty over every square centimeter of the universe, we seek to aim both minds and hearts at Jesus by engaging in practices that are heart-forming and give students opportunities to both experience the love of Jesus and share that love with others. 

We have developed a wide range of programs that support, challenge, and encourage our students as they develop their abilities, grow in faith, and learn to live rightly in community. We all have strengths to share, as well as areas we want to develop further, and we seek to provide an environment where students can grow into the young people who will be difference-makers in our world.

The history of VCS is deep and we are grateful to all those who have come before us that enabled Christian education to thrive in Vancouver.  

We wish you the best on your family’s educational journey.


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Jeremy Tinsley