Admissions Programs

Elementary School

Building Blocks: The Elementary Years (K - GR 5)

VCS is committed to creating a culture where each child is known and loved as a whole person, as well as to providing a strong, consistent program throughout the younger years. These first years of education are the foundation of a successful and positive school experience.  With a focus on building strong core skills and confidence, our elementary program is designed to cultivate a love for learning early on.


  • A nurturing and hospitable environment: all children are welcomed and loved
  • An emphasis on developing social skills that build empathy and responsibility
  • Character development: knowing who God has called us to be
  • Bible memory work: imprinting God’s Word in hearts and minds
  • A phonetics-based spelling program that has stood the test of time, providing essential building blocks for writing, reading, and spelling
  • Strong literacy skill development using best practices from grade to grade
  • Critical thinking: taking the time to ask, “Why?” and, “How?”
  • Strong math computational and problem-solving skills
  • Integrated and multi-age learning opportunities
  • Specialized instruction in music, French, and PE
  • High level of staff collaboration