About Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Our Mission:

"Preparing students for a life of transformation and service through excellent, Christ-centred education"


Our Program: 

  • Is grounded in a biblical Christian perspective. 
  • Provides quality, innovation, and excellence in education.
  • Develops and promotes local and global leadership and service.

Our Students: 

  • Strive to meet their full potential and become passionate life-long learners.
  • Demonstrate respect for others and all of God’s creation. 

Our Teachers: 

  • Deliver excellence in student learning and teaching practices.
  • Establish a dynamic and evolving professional teaching/learning community.
  • Are Christians committed to living out their faith.

Our School Culture: 

  • Provides a secure learning environment which nurtures, encourages, and challenges students.

Our Community: 

  • Partners together to help children flourish in their spiritual, social, cognitive, physical, and emotional development.