"Vancouver Christian School is a wonderful learning community for students to grow in the knowledge of God's world, but also to grow in their Christian faith.  As a teacher at this school, I give thanks to the Lord for the special privilege and opportunity to teach the whole child - not just the mind, but the heart and soul as well when I am able to acknowledge how fearfully and wonderfully God has made each child and the plans that He has for each of them.  Together with many parents, students, teachers and the presence of the Holy Spirit, the family of Christ is built up within a school building!"

VCS Grade 1 Teacher

"15 years ago, I was worried as I was looking at schools for my three very young children, knowing that the school I picked would shape and affect the rest of their lives. When I found Vancouver Christian School, it was everything I was looking for, plus more.  If you are looking for a school that will provide superb education and teach your child how to critically think for themselves as they live in God's world, without being shielded from the outside community, then VCS would be the perfect fit for you."

VCS Parent

"If you are looking for a place where your children are known and celebrated for who God is forming them to be, as well as for a high quality education that is based on best-practice models, then VCS is the place for you and your family!  Along with being superb educators, the teachers go out of their way to foster strong relationships with the students to inspire them to love learning and to grow in their faith.  The school’s focus on Biblical values seeks to build a strong character in each student while fostering a personal relationship with Jesus.   VCS offers more than an education.  It builds leaders and innovative thinkers for the future--young people who are striving to “shine like stars” through living out their faith with integrity."

VCS Parent

"VCS is awesome because it has a BIG hill. I like VCS because the teachers are nice."

Very fun and exciting
Close relationships with friends and teachers
So many great activities 

VCS Grade 3 Student