General Program


Building a Strong Christian Foundation

More than ever, our students need grounding that will carry them through the rest of their lives.  At VCS, we want our students to see the world through God’s eyes, growing and strengthening their gifts so that can use them to serve Him and others as Justice Seekers, Beauty Creators, Community Cultivators, Earth Keepers, and World Healers.  VCS staff intentionally consider a Christian perspective and our Mission Statement as they prepare program and curriculum and carry out yearly themes and chapels, all while fostering relationships with parents, students, and the community beyond.

Valuing the Whole Child

VCS staff sees students as image bearers, created by God as social, intellectual, physical and spiritual beings.  All of it matters!  VCS has a strong tradition of creating a nurturing and welcoming environment where students are known and loved for who they are and encouraged to persevere and grow.  Our goal is know, follow, and support all students--from kindergarten to Grade 12--building on their strengths and addressing their needs.

The Changing Landscape of Education

The world is very different than it was even 15 years ago, when most of the globe was without internet, and certainly without the handheld computers we know today as smartphones.  The Information Age is racing ever onward and the education system must adapt.  What does this look like at VCS?  It means that, as a parent, you will see new ways of assessing students, curriculum that prepares learners to be flexible and creative, and teaching that models strategies for independence and collaboration.  Technology is no longer an add-on to program, or found in a separate computer lab, but is a tool that is wisely and carefully integrated across the classroom, and throughout the school.  Our new building reflects many of these changes to educational practice,* with more spaces for collaborative study, and our library ‘learning commons’--a hub for invention, creativity, and project work.  One thing that will not change at VCS?  Our commitment to building solid foundational skills.  We will continue to meld proven traditional methodology with innovation and progress.

*For additional information about 21st-century learning and the BC curriculum, the BC Ministry of Education provides a number of helpful references and explanations.

Listening to our Community

Parents are partners in education at VCS!  We regularly invite parent feedback through surveys, parent/teacher conferences, electronic communication, and school visits.  Communication is essential to a successful student experience.  Our commitment is to listen carefully to parents, responding thoughtfully and efficiently.

In recent years, parents and staff have told us that they highly value:

  • Priority placed on Christ-centred education

  • Our excellent teachers and administrative staff

  • The warm, welcoming environment extended to all students, regardless of needs

  • Our quality academic program

  • Our strong math, music, and science curricula

Thanks to this important feedback, we have also added to our program:

  • Specialized PE instruction for all grades

  • A wider range of enrichment clubs for students focusing on math, science, the arts, geography, and technology

  • A comprehensive K-12 digital citizenship curriculum, overseen by a highly engaged IT committee

  • Additional academic and personal counselling services to fully equip graduates for the rigours of post-secondary education

  • A renewed focus on our distinctive Middle Years program


School Divisions  and Program

We are pleased to offer three divisions at VCS:

  1. Elementary School  (K-5)  Building Blocks

  2. Middle School  (Grades 6-8)  Growing and Flourishing

  3. High School  (Grades 9-12)   Preparing For Transformation