Use these resources to practice at home!

Note to Parents:  For Kindergarten and Grade 1, please review each phonogram only after they have been introduced in class (ie. please don’t jump ahead!) You may also recognize our star staff members at the beloved Mons site in these videos!

The three single-letter phonogram videos are for children new to VCS in grades one and above. They cover the 26 basic phonograms from a-z, which are first taught in kindergarten. As we use a multi-sensory approach to learning them, children are encouraged to say each phonogram out loud while writing it. Later, they can practice by saying the phonogram sounds while looking at a phonogram card, or by hearing the sounds and writing the phonogram. You can also be creative and make your own games for phonogram practice. Practice with the Phonogram Identification video for a review.

     Exercises for Single-Letter Phonograms:

          1. a-i

          2. j-r

          3. s-z

     Phonogram Identification - Single Letter

Multi-letter phonograms are minimally introduced in kindergarten, but mainly taught in grades one and two. They are regularly used in spelling as students progress, and greatly support the decoding process (sounding out new words) in addition to writing. You can use the multi-letter phonogram videos for new students in grades two and above, as well as for other students reviewing their skills. Practice with the Phonogram Identification video for a review.

     Exercises for Multi-Letter Phonograms:

          Multi-Letter Phonograms 1

          Multi-Letter Phonograms 2

          Multi-Letter Phonograms 3

     Phonogram Identification - Multi-Letter