What IS Christian Education?

When Christian school administrators interview new families, they hear a variety of reasons for why parents want Christian education for their children which include:

  • Strong academic program
  • Christian teachers
  • Strong moral teaching
  • Prayer in the classroom
  • High expectations for behaviour

 But is that all there is?

The fact is that if Christian education is done rightly, it actually offers much more than the list above.

First of all, Christian education starts with the acknowledgment that all of the earth is the Lord’s and that all things fall under his authority. Every part of our lives is to be permeated by our faith. We are to look for God’s thumbprint everywhere and to wrestle to understand His calling in all areas of life.  We need to look for this in geological rock formations, ocean ecosystems, the heroes in children’s books, the history of this great country and our aboriginal people, the policies we practice surrounding relationships and… well, you see the problem; our job is never done and it cannot all be done at home and at church. More than ever, our students are shaped and influenced by a worldview that does not recognize God in the big picture or in the details; what a privilege to have an amazing alternative to offer them throughout their school career.  This means hard work that digs deep into school curriculum and goes further and beyond Bible classes, morning devotions and good moral teaching!