2019/20 High School Course Planning Guide & Selection Sheets


Preparing For Transformation: The High School Years (GR 9 - 12)

High school at VCS is a four-year academic program based on inquiry and the application of skills across varied subject areas. Through academics, worship, pastoral care groups, co-curricular activities, leadership and service, each student develops his or her intellect, imagination, independence, and inherent sense of identity in Christ.  We are committed to the education of the whole child: our program integrates mindful support systems that create positive academic, social, and spiritual experiences for every learner.

Our curriculum encourages students to grow intellectually by engaging them in interdisciplinary studies, collaborative work, the completion of a capstone project (previously the graduation portfolio), and the utilization of technology as a tool in learning. In addition to academic studies, our students engage in a wide range of sporting and artistic activities, where teamwork and leadership are actively encouraged.

Our students participate in a Peak program throughout all four years of high school. Peak is a week-long, grade-specific, off-campus learning experience that weaves a Christian perspective through BC curricular outcomes. Our Peak program is uniquely designed to build important life skills and orient students toward a life of servant leadership and contribution in our world.

Service to local and global communities is an important aspect of high school activity, and students are able to give back to the local and global community, taking part in projects that make positive and lasting contributions to people all over the world.

Our exceptional learning environment includes:

  • Small class sizes

  • Outstanding teachers

  • Strategic integration of technology

  • Enriched educational experiences

  • Individualized educational support

  • Collaborative and inclusive learning environment

  • Beautiful, modern learning facility in the city of Vancouver

  • Supporting graduates to transition into universities & colleges

Signature experiences offered:

  • Christ-centred mentorship

  • Peak program, a week of hands-on experiences outside the classroom

  • Apprenticeships and internships

  • Career Life Education and Capstone Project

  • Honours & Advanced Placement (AP) Program

  • Outdoor environmental education experiences

  • Fine and performing arts program, including music, visual arts, and drama

  • Support for high performing students in athletics, performing and visual arts

  • Extensive club offerings, including internationally recognized Model United Nations (Model UN) & Destination Imagination (DI)

  • Leadership opportunities in all grades

  • Participation in provincial athletic leagues; top-ranked teams in basketball, volleyball, etc.

Core Values:

Academic Excellence

  • Fosters a growth mindset

  • Cultivates curiosity and resilience

  • Builds creative innovation, critical thinking, and collaboration

Vital Spirituality

  • Instills compassion

  • Respects the diversity of spiritual journeys

  • Prepares students for Christ-centered transformation

Leadership Development

  • Realizes potential

  • Builds Christian character

  • Awakens local and global awareness

Authentic Community

  • Builds meaningful connections

  • Partners with parents and community

  • Equips students to be socially engaged


Honours Courses

In order to meet the academic, spiritual, and socio-emotional needs of our highly capable and highly motivated learners, we offer honours courses to students in grades 9-10.  Honours courses are an opportunity for students to be challenged and advance quickly.  These classes also allow students to prepare for AP courses and/or provide a greater variety of courses for students to select from.


Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is an excellent opportunity for academically talented and motivated students to pursue university-level courses. Among Canadian universities, UBC, SFU, and UVic rank in the top ten for number of AP-accredited students enrolled.

Advanced Placement benefits students in a number of ways:

  • They are able to learn at an accelerated pace with this enriching program

  • They have the opportunity to participate in rigorous courses that challenge them academically

  • Students gain invaluable experience, as they are introduced to first-year university academics in the comfort and familiarity of the high school classroom

  • Many universities offer course credit towards a Bachelor's degree and/or Advanced Placement in the university (which allows students to skip an introductory-level course) for students who are successful on the end-of-course AP Exam. (Students are responsible for paying their own examination fee.)


Student Services

VCS guides students and parents through strategic course selection and post-secondary planning beginning in grade 10.  Consistently, our high school has excelled in its ability to provide a wide range of services for our student body.  Our individualized student care and interventions have not only improved our overall academic achievement and social performance, but have made our school ‘distinct’ among other schools in the community.

Our department of Student Services offers a variety of support systems to meet the academic, social/emotional, spiritual, physical, and vocational needs of students, mirroring the school mission of “preparing students for a life of transformation and service through excellent Christ-centred education.”

Student Services is divided into three distinct but interrelated areas:

Academic Counselling

  • Post-Secondary Planning

  • University and College Advising

  • Career Counselling

  • Internship/Work Experience Opportunities

  • Scholarship Opportunities

  • Graduation Capstone Project & Presentation

Personal Counselling

  • Individual Counselling

  • Group Counselling

  • Conflict Mediation

  • Psycho-educational Groups

  • Referral Support

Learning Support Services (Resource)

  • Individualized Educational Plan Support

  • Resource support for core academic courses

  • Honours courses and Advanced Placement courses

  • English Language Learner Support

We are committed to empowering every student to achieve academic success, reach personal and social growth, and attain his or her post-secondary pursuits. Our goal is to teach students the value of self-management, prevention, and conscious and informed decision-making and living, with respect to their academic, personal, and post-secondary planning.  We provide individualized support and resources to students facing challenges with emotional, spiritual, relational, health, and/or academic concerns.