Planning and Growing Together: The K-12 Advantage

Knowing our students well and developing long term, K-12 learning goals are two key reasons students are more likely to thrive throughout their school experience.  As VCS is a K-12 school on a single campus, our teachers and administration are able to cultivate relationships and academic objectives long term. We are always excited to see how God works in the lives of our students while they are at school with us, and how their time at VCS shapes their futures.  

Some Benefits of K - 12:

  • Students are known by staff members from an early age through to graduation
  • Student profiles are developed over time, ensuring needs are met
  • A consistent academic program, developing strong skills over time
  • Leadership and student mentorship opportunities within the school program
  • Multi-age, real-life learning opportunities
  • One site, one purpose

School Divisions and Program

We are pleased to offer three divisions at VCS:

  • Elementary School (K-5): Building Blocks
  • Middle School (Grades 6-8): Growing and Flourishing
  • High School (Grades 9-12): Preparing For Transformation