Standardized Testing

Vancouver Christian School participates in standardized testing each year as required by the BC government in the areas of math, reading, and writing.  For many years, VCS has consistently scored in the top 10% of all provincial schools (public and independent), far exceeding norms in the areas of math and reading.  VCS values its traditions of high standards and performances; however, its main priority and distinction remain--to offer Christian education to Christian families.

BC Ministry of Education External Review 2013 

Every six years, the Ministry of Education conducts an intensive and formal audit of the school. The ministry sends a team of experienced, senior education professionals to review what we do here at VCS. 

The team looks at (among other things): 

  • Course overviews for each subject 
  • School Finances and Budget 
  • Policies and procedures on every topic imaginable 
  • Student files 
  • Teacher files 
  • Special Education program 
  • Teacher plans and records 
  • And much more! 

The evaluation team also takes note of school culture, values, strength of curriculum, student work and engagement. The process is an affirmation of what we do well but also an opportunity to learn.  Our last evaluation occurred in the fall of 2013 and a summary of their commendations is listed below: 

  1. Well-developed course overviews linked to the mission of the school and government requirements.
  2. A high commitment to organizational, curricular initiatives and best practices.
  3. Commitment to being Christ-centered, integrating faith into all of school life and curriculum.
  4. Warm, caring environment where children are genuinely happy, a strong culture of love for each other and God.
  5. A focus on positive behavior initiatives ensuring respect and accountability. 

The team leaders repeatedly told us that “VCS is very good school; we can’t find anything to criticize!” We are encouraged by this positive review while realizing that we never really arrive and must continue to strive towards being the best we can be!