Your Help is Needed: After School Parent Supervisors

We provide after school supervision til 3:30 every day and we want to thank all of our parents for working hard to pick up children by that time. Every day, we do a 3:45 p.m. sweep to make sure all primary children without older siblings are picked up and we check to see which older students are still on the playground. If we sense a pattern of late pick ups, we will be contacting you. 

It can be a challenge to have all of our staff outside at the right time after school as it often a very busy time with both parents and students needing attention. Starting September 23, we would love to have parents help us out with the first 20 minutes of after school time at the front of the school. It’s simple! Sign up on Sign Up Genius:  Show up at 2:55, pick up an orange vest and instructions from the long hall, and walk around the front playground keeping an eye on students. Our staff will show up at 3:20, and by 3:40 they will also be rounding up any primary students who have not been picked up. You can sign up by going to the VCS website. Many thanks!


Published on by Ellen Freestone.