Important Notice for Parent Drivers

It can take some time for the peak traffic to flow through our roundabout. How can you as a parent make this more efficient so people are not lined behind you waiting? If everyone shaves off a few seconds here and there, it can make a big difference!

Before School: Please have your children organized and ready to immediately step out of the car in the  roundabout. Their boots/shoes and coats should be on and good bye kisses work well if given before you leave your home! As soon as they are out of the car, please exit the roundabout. 

After School: Please consider timing your arrival for after school for pick up. It always takes about 10 minutes for Middle Schoolers to make their way outside so consider 3:25-3:35, a good time to come through the roundabout. Grades 4 and 5 students should be out by about 3:15 p.m.

Remind your children to be ready for pick up.  We would like to avoid parents parking and getting out of their vehicle to look for children, as well as making parents drive around the block a few times. 


Published on by Ellen Freestone.