High School Corner: First Week of Classes

It has been a great week of learning and collaborating in classes! This week, students were able to meet their teachers and get to know what they will be learning in their courses this year. We are pleased to be able to offer new courses such as 20th Century World History 12, Film and Television 11/12 and interdisciplinary project-based learning courses where students can create pop-up businesses or design green spaces.

We look forward to the new school year ahead and the blessing to be able to have you play a role in cultivating our school community through love, grace and joy.

Positive referral letters: Staff members, including teachers and Mrs. Voo, are seeking opportunities throughout the year to acknowledge high school students for positive behaviour, and to honour students who demonstrate respect, kindness and a growth mindset. High school students who are referred will receive positive referral letters. Students will be referred for the following reasons:

· Being respectful and showing kindness

· Contributing to our school community in a positive way

· Academic improvement

· Behavioural improvement

·  Contributing to the well-being of others, or focusing on one's own well-being

Reminder about device usage: Laptops and Chromebooks are permitted under staff supervision only. This includes during lunch times and breaks and in areas such as the learning commons, idea rooms, halls, lobby, and classrooms. A reminder that students should not be using cell phones in the building.

Congratulations to Ryan L (Grade 10) for having his amazing photos selected in the 2019 People’s Choice Photo Entries. “The top photos have been included here for selection of People's Choice. Cast your vote by liking the image(s) of your choice for the FutureBook Photography Contest!” Vote for Ryan’s photos!



Published on by Grace Voo.