Superintendent's Corner - Ellen Freestone

A Good News Story! Last week, one of our receptionists told me that a neighbour was here to speak to me.  It was 2:45 p.m. and I thought, “This cannot be a good thing!” However, this neighbour came to tell me how impressed she was with our school: our building, our students and particularly our driving!  She said that the traffic rules and traffic flow have made things even better than before we rebuilt the school even though our community is much larger. Thanks to each one of you who works hard to follow the rules. It makes a difference!  

Another neighbour recently popped by to find out what we were doing on our rooftop and if she could come and join us! This happened during Encounter Days with our high school students as they listened to First Nations stories and music from the roof.  And of course, we invited her in! What a great way to start our year, knowing that we are doing some “community cultivating” with our neighbours! Coming up shortly: The Great Canadian Clean Up: Students will be making their way around the neighbourhood for a fall clean up.

You Asked! We received a lot of questions through our survey last spring and at our new parent orientation recently. We hope to answer some of the more common themes through our newsletter throughout the year.

Question:  What volunteering opportunities are there?

Answer: Traffic supervision is a key area for where we need help on a daily basis.  The benefit to everyone is enormous and has a lot of impact on community building, safety and neighbourhood relationships. 

We would love to have some help supervising our playground from 2:55 –3:20 allowing teachers to be able to get outside as soon as possible. Please stay tuned for an invitation.

Throughout the year, many special events, such as Discovery Days, Middle School Theme Week, Sports Day, Christmas Crafts rely on parent involvement--they are a lot of fun!  In most cases, parents are notified of opportunities through the VCS app and newsletter. Some of our best volunteering comes from spontaneous support at special events or shovelling snow or helping to weed or jumping in when you see a need.

If you are interested in leadership opportunities, we have several committees including board, finance, and building maintenance.  Feel free to send Ellen Freestone an email if you have leadership gifts to share.


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