High School Reminders

Student Council Beach Day, Friday June 21: Students will be meeting in their homerooms at 9:00 a.m. for attendance followed by an all school K-12 Chapel in the gymnasium. At 10:00 the HS students and staff will travel to Spanish Banks by bus. Students cannot leave directly from the beach if they do not have explicit parent permission given on their permission form. Click the link for the Student Council Beach Day information and permission form.

A Few Exam Rules: Students are required to be in uniform, as for a normal school day; they will not be permitted to write their exam if they are not in uniform. Students will be sent to change if they are not prepared.

All textbooks are to be handed in at the start of the exam session as instructed by the invigilating teachers. Textbooks are to be neatly stacked at the back of the examination room, or alternate designated area.

After exams, students are dismissed and need to be off campus. Students may return in the afternoon to join a review session and/or meet with teachers during office hours; however, they must make appointments for these sessions - they cannot drop in. High school students will not be permitted in the hallways as middle school and elementary classes are still in session.

Click the following links for  exam schedule and room locations and exam rules.

Numeracy Assessment: Thursday June 27. Please note:  There has been a time change for the Numeracy Assessment. The numeracy assessment will be written at 9:00am.  The afternoon session has been cancelled.  


Published on by Grace Voo.