Lead Principal's Corner

It is Teacher Appreciation Week! We are thankful for a wonderful team of teachers and staff. Our staff have made huge adjustments this year and I am continually impressed by their enthusiasm, commitment and resiliency. The most valuable gift is their deep care and love for your children; this is where all good learning and growth begins.

June 6: SAGM 7:30 p.m. The constitution and by laws will be coming your way as well as the Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM) package.

VCS Teachers: We are very excited that most of our staffing is completed for next year and so grateful that God has led some wonderful people to VCS. In a time when there is a significant teacher shortage and Vancouver remains one of the most expensive places in Canada, we are blessed to have a very low attrition rate and still attract teachers here. Parents should be aware that we have teachers driving to VCS from Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Port Coquitlam and Maple Ridge! We are sad to say good-bye to Diana Mazzocato, Jason Dunbar and Isaac Lisik who commute long distances or are moving away. We are also saying good bye to Sabrina Lucotti who is returning to university to get her BC teaching degree. (We hope to hire her back someday!) Jodie Huen is taking a maternity leave next year.

Some upcoming teacher changes and introductions:  

· Karen Prinsloo: Grade 8 homeroom. Karen is a former VCS parent and board member. She has worked at Richmond Christian School for a number of years.

· Tim Tang: Grade 7 Homeroom. Tim is one of our favourite TOCs and we are excited to have him on board.

· Bernandine Ihekwoaba: Bernandine is an experienced primary teacher coming from Calgary and will be teaching Kindergarten.

· Anika Brandt: Grade 7 Homeroom. You may know her already as one of our EAs. Anika is a trained science teacher and has decided it is time to leap into the classroom!

· Jenny Tang: She will be job sharing with Dave Wu (Gr. 5) and Janine Koldyk (Gr. 6).

· Dave Wu: Grade 5 homeroom and primary PE!

· Jenny Drennan: Intermediate and MS PE and K-12 PE program coordinator. Her job will be to support PE teachers and develop a consistent PHE program.

· Shawn Fraser: HS curriculum and Sciences. Shawn brings considerable leadership in curriculum from the public school and we hope to see his influence impact K-12 in the years to come.

· Rachel Petrusma will move from Grade 7 into High School Humanities.

· Karli Baldwin: Part time primary.

We are still looking for part time French, Primary and Resource teachers and we continue to pray that God will lead the right people to us. We will also be seeing a few changes in our support staff and will share that with you in the near future.

Building Updates: Our new playground is up and getting lots of use! We are happy to announce that the Grade 2 classrooms and the lower gym are almost ready to use; it has been a journey this year and we are very thankful for our very flexible PE teachers and the good weather we have enjoyed. This summer we will be adding blinds, doubling the lobby doors, fixing the Grade 5 windows, addressing several building problems and a number of other projects.

Water Filters on our water fountains: We are working on finding the right replacements for filters but want to make sure your children are coming home with the right information as some are under the impression that the water is not drinkable. Greater Vancouver unfiltered water is one of the best tasting and safest in the world, in fact, in the top 10; we have won medals for our drinking water. Having a filter on our fountains is a nice little bonus, but actually completely unnecessary. So, please encourage your children to fill up and stay hydrated.



Published on by Ellen Freestone.