Middle School Matters: Young Entrepreneurs Market: Student Reviews

The Young Entrepreneurs Market is a market that is run by kids. Kids make products and then sell them. They do surveys to know how much their products should cost and what colours or decorations they should put on them. Our school decided to donate the money we made to Project Samuel. Project Samuel is a project that was started by a man named Brendan. He has made a shelter home for many orphans in Zambia, Africa. Some of his friends came to our chapel to tell us about it and they also came to the actual market. My Young Entrepreneur market experience was amazing! We did it on Tuesday, April 16, 2019. My favorite thing about it was selling my products to other students and making my products. It was also a good experience to learn how to start a small business and making surveys. It was fun to count money, give change and do stuff that cashiers do. Some suggestions I would make would be maybe keeping some of the money and then donating the rest. Also, having something to do after you sell out of your products would be great. But overall, I think the market is a good idea. I hope we do it again!  Matthew M.


My experience with the fair was great. I had lots of fun making my products and selling them. It was quite the work for us to get all the baking and the website done. But at first, when I heard that all the money was going to project Samuel I was disappointed.  But when we learned about Project Samuel during chapel, it made me even more eager to help them out. I’m quite impressed with myself and everyone with what we were able to create and make. One of my favorite parts was when we got to start selling our products. I think it was more difficult for the bakers because we tried to keep our food products fresh. But overall I think I did really well and can’t wait till next year.  Mattie C.

The Young Entrepreneur's market was an exciting project that allowed us to use our creative and business skills to plan, produce, and ultimately to make a profit for “Project Samuel”. It felt good to donate our profits to students who are less fortunate that us, it felt like a “School help school” kind of project. The project helped me understand the business process and made me realize that being an entrepreneur is something that I could pursue in my future. Overall this was one of my favourite projects of the year and I would definitely do it again if I had the chance. Daniel T.

The products I made for the Young Entrepreneur Market were unicorn notebooks, pencils, and erasers. What I really liked about the YEM was that I got to explore all the booths and what people made. The fact that everyone could get a chance to do what they loved really amazed me on how creative the middle school students were. The food was exceptionally delicious and the other products were very cute or pretty looking. Even though I only had some money, I had enough to taste test, buy, and enjoy looking at some of the products. Some lessons I learned are that I should make more of each of my products and I should start a lot earlier.  Evelyn S.

Middle School Young Entrepreneurs Market an Overwhelming Success: We could never have imagined the success of our first ever Middle School Young Entrepreneurs Market. Not only did the students find it an engaging way to learn, they had an opportunity to make a very generous donation to Project Samuel. I have to admit, I was hoping we would raise a minimum donation of $1000, maybe $2000 at best. However, my projections and hopes were much lower than the Lord's intentions for Project Samuel. He always has a way of surprising us! It is with great excitement that I am announce that through the combined efforts of all 121 industrious and hard working students, a total of $5916.35  was made to donate to Project Samuel!

The following is from an email we received in response to our donation to Project Samuel:

"A HUGE THANK YOU to all the staff and students for their hard work, dedication and commitment to this entrepreneur fair and project Samuel Zambia!!  We were BLOWN AWAY by the success of this and how hard you all worked and how well you all did!!! We were INSPIRED by your generosity, kindness and love. Wow!!!!”


Published on by Mary De Boer.