Lead Principal's Corner

Welcome to May! Where has the time gone? There are a lot of upcoming events for our K-12 school. One of them includes our first ever Grade 12 VCS graduation! I have come to appreciate even more the work that goes into high school planning and organization and still have lots to learn!

Another important event, this time for all parents: our Semi Annual General Meeting on Thursday, June 6th at 7:30 p.m. What happens at our SAGM?

· School year reports from the Admin. Team

· Budget approval for the coming year

· Election and re-election of board members

· Voting on our new bylaws and constitution

You will receive the new bylaws and constitution electronically in the next week. A week or more in advance of June 6th, you will receive the agenda, budget and biographies of potential board members. In advance of this meeting, we would like to thank Gerald Boersma, our board chair, who has led and directed the school through such significant change over the past years.


Building Community

We know that with our new and larger parent community, it takes time to re-create the culture that so many parents were originally drawn to when they registered at VCS. It also takes time with over 100 staff members! This year, we tried to emphasize culture building over program alignment...as the first really drives the second one. Special thanks to Grace Voo and some of the HS team for creating a community feast on the rooftop for all staff to enjoy yesterday.


Published on by Ellen Freestone.