High School Corner

Most of our teachers spend their school days racing from one thing to another, preparing for their classes, trying to grade and return work to students in a reasonable time, and dealing with the many unexpected situations that develop during the course of any normal school day.  I’m certain you can understand the humor in depicted in this cartoon. As a parent, I’m sure we can relate to the same feelings. I know our students would be able to relate with this for sure!

Our high school students also move according to the clock. Often, they are required to rush from one class to another while trying to socialize with their peers. Despite all the obstacles and challenges with limited time, my vision is that school will be a place of connection, relationships, and care. Many of our students have spent 12 years together in this school community! So, to grow deeper in our relationships, we have intentionally scheduled times throughout the week (Pastoral Care Groups, Chapels, Inquiry Time) where students can feel a stronger sense of belonging and value. It is possible for us to create environments where there is a shared ethos of loving, serving, and creating!  

There are a variety of different avenues where students are encouraged to seek reconciliation when a rift or conflict occurs. Some of these means include: Approaching a teacher or staff directly, Peer mediation, Counselling, or seeking assistance from their pastoral care group leader, any teacher, team leader or administrator.  

As parents, it’s also important to model what we envision VCS community to be. If you have any encouragement for teachers or staff please let them know that their extra efforts do make a difference. If you have any concerns, please first approach the staff member directly with love and humility. Building a Christ-centered community takes intention, respecting each student’s, teacher’s, and parent’s need will help students here at VCS experience school as a place of belonging and transformation.

Let’s continue to work on this together,

Grace Voo

Cantando Music Festival: We had a great time up at the Cantando Music Festival in Whistler! The Senior Band and Choir were up there from Friday, April 26 to Sunday, April 28 where they performed their music, attended workshops and clinics, and watched performances by professional bands and choirs. Thank you Mr. Findlay, Mrs. Yang, Mr. Lee and Mrs. Lee for being up there with us!  - Ms. Lim


Published on by Grace Voo.