Lead Principal's Corner - Mrs. E. Freestone

Next week, a number of key school leaders will be meeting to discuss internal and external communication strategies, hoping to improve and streamline our processes for next year. This year has been very busy and has delayed our ability to get everything on track. However, it has also provided us with a good opportunity to see what it is like to communicate with a large K-12 school. We have learned a few things and received some good feedback already. The good news is that over all, we think most people knew about most things most of the time! Our goals are: to reduce/streamline the amount of communication going home; to use our app more effectively; and, to roll out our new website.

Some key things ahead:

June 10 Our first VCS Graduation!

June 14 Last official day of classes for Grades 8-12

June 17-28 Final exams for HS

June 21  Last morning for K-7. School ends at noon!

HS Report Cards will out by June 28th

K-7 Report Cards can be picked up on July 3.

Staff will be working until the end of June but the office is in session until the second week of July and officially reopens August 14.


Published on by Ellen Freestone.