Coach's Corner

GVISSA Jr Tournament: Congratulations to the Jr. Badminton Team BLUE who placed 1st and took home the 3rd Athletics banner for VCS this year! Our other Jr teams placed 4th (WHITE) and 6th overall (GREY). All 3 badminton teams competed in a number of tournaments last week and we would like to recognize some athletes for their outstanding performance: Grace C. and Natania L. (2nd girls doubles), Gwen T. (1st girls singles), Robyn L. and Ethan S. (1st mixed doubles), Daniel C. and Jayden L. (1st boys doubles), Ryan L & Isaac H. (3rd boys doubles).

BCCSSAA Jr. Tournament: Natania L. (5th girls singles), Ryan L. and Isaac H. (5th boys doubles), Natania L. and Grace C. (3rd girls doubles), Rayna L. and Rachel H.  (8th girls doubles).

The Bantam Badminton Team placed second overall at the grade 8 tournament! Gwen T. placed 2nd for girls singles. Robyn L. and Andrew Z., placed 2nd in mixed doubles and Emma P. and  Kiana L. placed 1st in girls doubles.

Congratulations to our ultimate teams who placed 3rd (seniors) and 5th (juniors) respectively at the LMISCUA Championship Tournament this year.


Published on by Henry Chung.