High School Corner

UBC Physics Olympics

Just before PEAK Week, on Saturday, March 9, Mrs. Yang’s Science 10 Honours students participated in the UBC Physics Olympics.  Every year, teams from high schools across British Columbia compete in six science events.

Our girls worked hard to solve a difficult problem: making a Rube Goldberg machine that is able to deliver a sugar cube into a coffee cup in an extraordinarily complicated way.

Our boys worked hard to build an accurate mechanical clock without a power source.

Experiences like these are foundation to help spark interest and motivation as our students continue on in subjects like math, science, and engineering. A big thank you to Mrs. Yang for her leadership and dedication in making opportunities like these available to our high school students!

Intercultural Learning Trip to Costa Rica

During Spring Break, from March 16 to 27, a team of grades 10 to 12 students spent time learning, serving, and leading in Costa Rica.  Through this intercultural learning experience, the team of students were immersed in a different culture and grew in their understanding of their own strengths, and needs.  We believe that this cross cultural learning and outreach experience has broadened their global understanding and has been a catalyst in their own faith journeys. We are appreciative of all the work that Mrs. Gonzalez has put into this trip. Thank you also to Mrs. Hsieh, Mr. Hsieh, and Ms. Arevalo for leading the team.


Published on by Grace Voo.