High School Corner - Parent Education Series

Parent Education Series: Towards Graduation and Beyond. In high school, an increasing emphasis is placed on career preparation and planning. In today’s society, this process often continues well into early adulthood and may be marked by uncertainty and conflict. VCS believes strongly in the family’s role in supporting a student through the process of discerning what God created him or her to be and do in future. This workshop is designed to equip high school students and parents with tools to help the students ask thoughtful questions about who God created them to be, identify career strengths and personalities, and reflect on the impact of life experiences. These skills are critical in making wise course selections in high school and beyond. The discussion will touch upon upon some of the unique socio-emotional and career preparation challenges that today’s youth face between high-school graduation and entering the workforce as a young adult and suggest ways that parents can support their student in navigating the uncertainties that come with this transitional period.

This workshop will be tailored towards the needs of parents and students in Grades 10-11, but parents of students in other grades are welcome, too. Students are highly encouraged to attend with their parents. To prepare for the workshop, parents should discuss the following with their students before coming:

· What are your strengths? Interests?

· What occupations inspire you? Why?

· What do you think God is calling you to do?

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