High School Corner - Breaking Bread Together

To celebrate the abundant gifts of Jesus, on Thursday we invited everyone in the high school to share in a time of "Breaking Bread Together." There is a long tradition of remembering Jesus' final meal with his disciples before he was betrayed. There is also the wonderful reminder that the disciples didn't recognize the Risen Jesus until he broke bread with them! There is something about eating a simple meal together, with friends, that helps us to recognize how Jesus is still very present among us through his Spirit. We hope and pray that this meal will help us to live into this reality of being God's beloved people as we "taste and see" just how deeply God loves, and how generously our Father gives good gifts, to his children. We asked everyone to wear white to symbolize the new beginning that we have in Jesus and the hope of the resurrection!

We ask that you pray for us as a school that we live in a spirit of unity, held together through the love of Christ.


Published on by Grace Voo.