Dear Neighbours

School is open!  You may notice that although it is open, it is not finished. We hope to have the school fully operational in the next few months. Once the landscaping is done, please come and enjoy the property.

We have been monitoring traffic and so far, it is going quite well from our point of view. However, drivers and parents need to be trained and that takes a lot of work and time. We are looking for the trouble spots to see how to best address them. One of the areas VCS drivers need the most training is following the traffic flow map. We have included this so you know where to expect the most traffic during peak hours. All school drivers must observe this during peak hours: 8:00 - 9:15 and 2:45 - 4:00

Thanks very much for your patience.

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Vancouver Christian School App

Hello School Community,

I have some exciting news to share. This week we began the first testing phase of our Vancouver Christian School app. Parents in KKU will be using the app to communicate with Mrs. Ukkonen as they previously did using the Bloomz app. Custom built by Pentti Huttunen, a VCS parent, right now the app has calendars, VCS news, teacher communication, and volunteer sign-up. We have the ability to add features over time that will benefit the school. We plan to add groups and the ability to pay for school-related activities (everything but tuition) in future updates.  An example: your child plays Grade 6 basketball. With the app, you could see the schedule, see updates from the team, pay for team athletic wear, and communicate with the coach.

We plan to test the app in a few more homerooms in phase two of testing before the end of this school year. Our goal is that next school year all families, K-12, will use the Vancouver Christian School app and we will no longer be using Bloomz.

Although the app is now available for download in the Google Play and Apple App stores, you need to log in before you can access any of the information stored in the app. If your child's class is not one of the testing classes, please don't download the app and run a password recovery to gain access. Your child's teacher won't be posting any information to the app and there will be nothing there for you to see right now.  We appreciate your patience (I see you, techies), and will make the app available to everyone as soon as we are able.

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