Back Together Again: VCS Walk 2017

This year's VCS Walk, our fifth, was full of suspense and surprise. The weather was stormy in the morning, breaking only at the last minute to give all our students a rain-free trek through the neigbhourhood of our new building.  Likewise, it was definitely a new challenge this year to bring all our campuses together from our different temporary locations.  But, by bus and by car, all 400 students gathered at our soon-to-be K - 12 site to walk in support of our future, and the futures of our International China Concern sponsor children.  What a joy it is to connect as a community in this way, gratefully acknowledging the sponsorship support of friends, neighbours, and families, and spending time together.  The final surprise of the afternoon came with the announcement that our students had raised more than $64 500!! We are so proud of them, and can't wait for next year's Walk, when we will all be together in our new building!

Published on by Jennifer Milley.