Update Fall 2017

With the worst of winter weather ahead, it is wonderful that our new school building is roofed and insulated.  Interior walls and utilities are being installed, and from every approach we can now see the full size and shape of the beautiful building.  Staff are busy planning the new learning spaces, taking this opportunity to select furniture that encourages flexible and collaborative learning--standing desks, wobble chairs, modular seating, etc.  (Interested? Stay tuned this week :)  

Campaign visits are ongoing with VCS families new in 2016. As ever, these visits from board and committee members are a great opportunity for new families to connect with our community, and to learn more about our history, and our future.  We have been encouraged this Fall by the gifts from these new supporters, the renewing and extending of pledges by our longtime donors, and some significant gifts in kind for the new building.  At time of writing, our total of gifts and pledges is:

$3 850 669!!

We are oh-so-close to our $4 million milestone, and truly appreciative of our community's affirmation, support, and enthusiasm for this endeavour.  If you would like to give to our project, you can easily do so here.  Please check back with us soon!

22 nov 2017 lobby for web.jpg
31 oct 2017 for web.jpg
30 oct 2017 looking north for web.jpg

Published on by Jennifer Milley.