VCS Farewell

More than 500 people gathered at VCS last week to mark the end of an era.  The current building, our home for thirty years, is set to be demolished in August, to make way for the new K - 12 building.  Families, alumni, and current and former staff toured the school for a final time, poring over some of our archive, reading some thoughtful reflections written by this year's students, and having silly photos taken in vintage VCS clothing.  At a special assembly in the (very warm!) gym, visitors reminisced alongside our guest speakers, sang a classic VCS song, and celebrated with a slice of cake.  Even after the final school bell rang, guests stayed late, connecting and re-connecting with each other, and with this special place.

Thank you to all who were able to attend; it was a memorable and important moment in the life of our school.


Published on by Jennifer Milley.