The Votes are In!

It's official. At last Thursday's SAGM, our membership voted unanimously to accept the financing plan for the new building!  With the full commitment of our community, we continue to move ahead with our plans to demolish the current VCS building, and begin construction on the new K - 12 in summer 2016.  Not only was Thursday's vote an affirmation of community support, a lengthy question and answer session gave vcs society members the opportunity to engage with all the relevant issues--temporary location, fundraising projections, construction details--in ways that demonstrated concern and care for our staff and school families.

In all this, we would deeply appreciate your prayers, as staff and families prepare for the closing weeks of this eventful school year.  Moving preparations are well underway, in addition to the annual fieldtrips and celebrations that traditionally take place at year’s end.  May all of our students, K through 12, be blessed with safety and joy in the coming weeks, and may we continue to see and feel God’s presence in this time of transition.  




Published on by Jennifer Milley.