Giving to the Future: How Our Students Support the Campaign

Throughout the school year, in myriad ways, students make contributions to the Hope and a Future campaign.  Some host bake sales, some donate birthday money, and some knit and sell custom hats!  Whatever the endeavour, VCS students continue to demonstrate a strong commitment to our community and to our new school building.

With that spirit of anticipation, we look forward to this year's VCS Walk, a 5 km sponsored event coming up on May 13th.  All of our students take part, both in the walk, and in the fundraising.  Last year, students raised $48 000 (!), and spontaneously celebrated with an all-school dance party at the end of the day.  Our parents are also key to making this event such a continued success; they serve snacks and water, count all that cash, and walk alongside our teachers, keeping kids safe.  We hope that this year's VCS Walk is blessed with good weather, and we look forward to celebrating our students' efforts.

Published on by Jennifer Milley.