Moving Along: What's in store for Fall 2015

Here are some of the events and milestones you will be hearing more about this new school year.

 In October, we will be asking for your help in contacting our grandparent/grandfriend community, as we follow up with the commitments made at our Grandparents Day last April.

 Look for a new "Hope. And a Future" newsletter to appear online and in print, to keep up to date with project information and fundraising successes.

Throughout the year, there will be opportunities to commemorate our time in this school building, and chapel devotions will highlight some of the important moments in VCS history here on Mons Drive.

Don't forget to check out our "Hope and Future Happenings" board in the foyer of the school.  There we keep updated totals of visits completed, and share visuals and 'sneak peeks' of the new building.

Stay tuned for more...

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Published on by Jennifer Milley.