Home Visits: Why?

As the board, capital campaign committee and volunteers have been busy contacting our families, you may be wondering why we are going to all the trouble.  We are all busy people, and it's a busy time of year.  Some of you may have already decided what you are giving. Some of you may be feeling a bit awkward about the idea of receiving a visit in your home.  We have heard these concerns, and some we share (my house is a mess! :), but we still feel that connecting with our VCS community is truly important.

Practically speaking, the visit offers you the opportunity to ask more questions, if you have them.  Likewise, our committee would like the chance to show you some real numbers--the actual costs of donating, over a full 3 years, when tax credits are factored in.  In spiritual and community terms, this a moment when we can fellowship together, and give thanks with old friends (and new) for what God has done for VCS, and what He is continuing to do. 

When you are contacted, we hope that you will say yes to a visit.  If you would prefer to meet with someone here at the school, rather than in your home, that option will be provided to you.  Once you have met with a campaign visitor, please consider being a campaign visitor yourself.  This will help speed this process, and bring us ever closer to our goal. 

And together, let us continue to pray for what God has for us in this time. He is our hope, and our future.

Many thanks,

your campaign visiting team  

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Published on by Jennifer Milley.