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Guidelines for support

Guidelines for application eligibility

There are no definitive guidelines for eligibility for a tuition bursary. However, there are circumstances for which an application will likely be accepted:

• Sudden loss of employment without the ability to replace income
• Terminal or significant health issues without the ability to borrow
• Marital breakdown without the ability to replace income
• An attempt to pay at least a portion towards tuition under the above circumstances

Circumstances for which an application may not be accepted:

• Family income is sufficient to pay tuition after allocation for family expenses
• Assistance from the church community, friends or relatives could be available
• Ability to liquidate certain non-essential assets or investments
• Chronic requests for a tuition bursary where lifestyle suggests spending is not prioritized to account for tuition
• Information missing from the Tuition Bursary Application Form, or willful omission of important information

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