Our students are STARS! To reflect our mission statement in a way that is meaningful to our students, we use the stars acronym to permeate our curriculum, our chapels, relationships, and events.  These words frame and anchor the life of our school.

Stewardship             Teamwork                 Achievement                   Renewal                 Servanthood


Our Teachers:

  •  Are BC-certified
  •  Receive specific training on how to integrate faith into learning
  •  Are life-long learners and accumulate at least 30 hours of professional development per year
  •  Collaborate and work with each other to continually improve their craft
  •  Are regularly evaluated informally and formally

 Our Curriculum:

  •  Is consistent through out the school;  teachers speak a common language when it comes to skills related to comprehension, reading, and spelling
  •  Is carefully designed to support critical thinking skills and encourage deeper thinking
  •  Is regularly reviewed to ensure it continues to meet the needs of learners
  •  Encourages creativity and innovation, while valuing proven methods

Our Events and Extras:

  •  Are created to allow all children an opportunity to shine,  such as:  the Fine Arts Festival, Science Fair, Geography Challenge, Strings Program, Sports Teams and Ecology Club.
  •  Include multi-age theme weeks for primary, middle, and intermediate grades
  •  Are community-minded with lots of opportunities for parents to be engaged, involved and learn

Our Strengths include:

  •  Excellence in classroom culture allowing students to flourish
  •  Consistently high scores in standardized testing
  •  Support for parents and parent involvement
  •  A highly positive school tone
  •  A wide range of learning opportunities for all kinds of children
  •  Support for special needs children