Our story so far...

In 1930, several Dutch Christian Reformed families met together to begin praying for "a Christian school in Vancouver in which our children will be instructed according to the Word of God."  These families were determined, and willing to sacrifice; they were a generation who often gave financially to church and Christian Education, and then to home and family.  Such perseverance and faith was fruitful. Nineteen years later, in 1949, eight primary students climbed the steps of a house on Carleton Street, and in so doing, became the first class of Calvin Christian School.  

Within a few years, Calvin Christian outgrew its original location; and, because of the same faith and sacrifice, became a community of 100 students, in a purpose-built schoolhouse. Some of the early families moved east, founding John Knox Christian School in 1955. 

vcs class of 1957

Later still, and continuing to grow, the re-named Vancouver Christian School acquired a property in the Killarney area.  Then, selling the park area adjacent to the new school to the City of Vancouver, VCS donated funds towards the founding of yet another Christian school in the lower mainland--Richmond Christian School. 

By the 1970s and 80s, Vancouver Christian School had become a thriving community of a few hundred students, adding kindergarten and high school classes as the need arose. VCS' mission, to teach children about "all of life under God," continued to draw Vancouver families to the school.  And, it was during this era that VCS truly evolved into the multicultural, multidenominational community that it is today.


It was evident by the 1990s that there was a need for a permanent Christian K - 12 school in the metro Vancouver area.  It was equally clear that finding a site for such a school would be a challenge.  And it proved to be so.  However, following the success of a small middle school program on the VCS site, in 2005, John Knox Christian School and Vancouver Christian School entered into a partnership to found Carver Christian High School. It is currently located in a shared, leased facility in Burnaby.

Through Carver, the VCS of today is able to offer excellent, Christ-centred education from kindergarten through grade 12.  And, with the same perseverance and faith as previous generations, we look to the future, trusting that God will continue to bless Christian education in Vancouver as He has so faithfully done for so many years.  

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