For Our Neighbours - July 12

Dear Neighbours,

During the second and third week of July, you will see our moving company, DLO, packing up our school and moving materials to a variety of locations.  We hope to be completely done our move by the end of July. 

As expected, projects like this always take longer and so we want to update you.  During the middle of August, a blue fence should be up and the demolition process will begin.  It can take a month to take apart the insides of a building and so you will not see much happening during the month of August.  The building itself will not come down until September and construction would not begin until mid-September or later.

Because of this delay, we will not host a neighbourhood meeting until later in August when we have a better idea of the exact schedule of construction.  Because our building will no longer be accessible then, we hope to have the permission of the City and Happy Corner Preschool to host a meeting there.

Please stay tuned to our website for more details.

Ellen Freestone, Principal

Published on by Corinna Andriulaitis.