For Our Neighbours - Dec. 2, 2016

Dear Neighbours,

You will have noticed that our school is completely torn down and excavation has begun.  We are still trying to break up the concrete and we apologize for rattling your windows and your nerves!  Because of our bad weather, unfortunately this process has been delayed and will continue for another week or so. 

We are now entering Phase 2 of our project, and you will see lots of dump trucks coming in the next month as huge amounts of dirt need to be carted away.  For this reason, there will be an extended "No Parking" on the corner of Worthington heading east towards Falaise Park and Happy Corner which will affect 3 houses.

If you have any concerns, feel free to see the site supervisor, Bill, or contact us.  We wish you a peaceful (no trucks!) and Merry Christmas!

Published on by Corinna Andriulaitis.