For Our Neighbours - Oct. 6

Thanks to those of you who attended our Neighbourhood Meeting at Happy Corner this past Tuesday!  About 15 people were in attendance.  You can expect demolition to begin Wednesday, Oct. 12, and be completed within 3-5 days.  The first few months of construction will be the busiest on Worthington as trucks and machinery cart away materials and begin to excavate.  It is our hope to keep signage up to date for the times traffic is heaviest.

It is very important to us that any concerns during the construction phase be addressed quickly.  There is a sign with contact information in front of the school and you can always speak to the site supervisor (the guy with the red hat!)  If there is an immediate emergency, please call Daniel Rossi (DGS Construction) 604- 584- 2214, and of course, contact VCS if needed.

Ellen Freestone

Published on by Corinna Andriulaitis.