For Our Neighbours - Oct. 21, 2016

Dear Neighbours,

As you have noticed, demolition has begun on our property.  Large trucks will be coming back and forth on the route on a regular basis for a number of months.  We have noticed that a number of residents continue to park during the "No Parking" time slots.  Unfortunately, this greatly impedes the ability of trucks to safely drive through the streets and cars are at risk of being damaged.  The city will be ticketing and towing.
The following schedule will give you a general idea of the construction phases:
1.  Demolition 30 days starting the last week of October, 2016
2.  Bulk excavation  40 days starting Dec. 5, 2016
3.  Concrete pouring  123 days  starting Jan. 25, 2017

Published on by Corinna Andriulaitis.